GIGI LIPACID MOISTURIZER voide rasvoittuvalle iholle 100 ml

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GIGI LIPACID MOISTURIZER voide rasvoittuvalle iholle 100 ml

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The end to comedones – Lipacid Moisturizer fights pimple and comedones outbreaks. The cream is water-based and absorbs easily and quickly into the skin while creating a protective layer that prevents moisture loss in the upper layers. The cream balances the moisture level, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, prevents increased sebum production and pore-clogging, soothes the skin and contributes to its rapid healing and recovery
Contains sunscreen and protects skin from sun damage
Suitable for oily skin and skin prone to comedones and pimple outbreaks

How to use:

Rinse the skin with Lipacid soap and apply a little of the cream until fully absorbed

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Active ingredients:

Chamomile – Chamomile Extract – Soothing, Prevents Inflammation and Helps Maintain Skin Texture
Hemolysis – Inhibits Inflammation, Shrinks Blood Vessels and Soothes the Immune System. Relieves Swelling and Redness in the Skin and Creates a Protective Layer
Laminrene – a Kelp Which Suppresses the Enzyme Activity 5 Alpha Reductase Which Causes Acne Outbreaks
and Prevents Skin Scarring
Spicontrol Complex – Anti-Bacterial, Regulates Sebum Production and Anti-Inflammatory Glands


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