MII Special Finish Brush

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MII Special Finish Brush

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  • Description

    Highlight your assets and define your cheekbones with the Special Finish Brush. Release the magic of cream blush, highlighter, powder blush and bronzer.

    • Versatile brush for use with blusher, highlighter, powder and bronzer
    • Precision application
    • Smooth and even coverage

  • How To Use

    Use your Mii Special Finish Brush to apply highlighter to cheekbones and temples, or cream blush to cheeks. The Special Finish Brush is also perfect for boosting confidence with blush, allowing you to gently build up colour.

    Keep your brushes performing beautifully by washing regularly with warm water and brush cleanser or baby shampoo. Massage the bristles lightly and rinse thoroughly. Lay flat to dry.


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