Lifted Eye Refiner 8 ml

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Lifted Eye Refiner 8 ml

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Instant effect firming for the eye area.
Specialty eye gel with Hyaluronic Acid and a mild pH-value opticaly minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, dar circles and puffiness.
Wrinkle-free within a few minutes and lasts up to 9h.
Free from : PEGs, miniral oils, synthetic fragrances, colorants and animal ingredients


1. Thoroughly cleanse eye area, rinse with water and pat dry. For a more comported feel, hydrate the eye area with a tonic.
2. Gently sweep a thin layer of gel with pen from the the inner to outer under-eye area.
3. Allow gel to activate and avoid making facial expressions for 3 minutes. Re-apply for more lift. For best results avoid further application of concealer, make-up creams etc. in order not to reduce lifted appearance. Skin will appear lifted within just 15 minutes.



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