moisture ampoule 1kpl x 2,5 ml

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Dr spiller

moisture ampoule 1kpl x 2,5 ml

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Moisture Ampoules

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic SkinCare

Ampoule treatment, lipid content: noneMoisture Ampoules provide long-lasting moisture, guarantee cell activity and soothe stressed and moisture-deficient skin.

    Product information

    Moisture Ampoules provide long-lasting moisture and are a true provider of beauty for moisture-deficient and stressed skin. Sensicalm and Sensimoist are complementary active ingredients that stabilize cell cohesion to make skin noticeably more supple. Glutamic Acid ensures the activity of all cell processes. The skin is deeply and thoroughly hydrated, de-stressed and finally soothed for a relaxed appearance.

    Product category:Ampoules
    Skin care need:Moisture, Irritation & redness, Tonicity & Elasticity, Cell protection


  • Ampoules are targeted treatment products that should be used daily over the course of at least seven days. Apply content of the ampoule to face, neck and décolleté morning or evening after cleansing, then go on with appropriate active ingredient cream. Break open ampoule at the ring area using the ampoule opener, empty contents into the palm of the hand and gently massage into the skin.
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